Top 6 Trekking Spots in Myanmar

As an untouched and mysterious country with the ecology still in good condition, variously original hill tribes and unspoiled rural areas, Myanmar offers a wide ranges of attractions for trekking, consisting of the best 6 places below. 

1. Hsipaw


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The World’s Best Things in Myanmar

 1. The world’s largest book

Kuthodaw pagoda (Kuthodaw means “royal merit”) settled on the foot of Mandalay Hill in Mandalay city, is just where preserves the world’s largest book. The book stands upright, sets in stone and spreads on the ground of the pagoda with 729 stone tablets carved Burmese Buddhist scripture.

Kuthodaw-pagoda-activetravel-asiaKuthodaw pagoda

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Only in Myanmar: Top Special Experiences

Whatever your itinerary takes you, travel in Myanmar (Burma) is sure to bring an abundance of unusual experiences. As a strange country, things you encounter, see, search out and feel in Myanmar are also unlike any place you have ever known before.

1. Breakfast in a local teahouse


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Elaborate Face Washing Rite in Mahamuni Pagoda

Early morning in the Mahamuni pagoda (Mandalay) is peaceful, solemn and sacred irrespective of outside life.

Mandalay is the city located in the central country beside the gentle Irrawaddy river. The city has retained so many precious things which remain mysterious in eyes of foreigners.

Mandalay has Shwenandaw monastery – where keeps extremely sophisticated wooden sculptures, Kuthodaw Paya pagoda – where reserves the world’s largest set of Buddhist scriptures including “729 pages” engraved on big marble, the Royal Palace – the symbol of a kingship period, U Bein bridge – the world’s oldest and longest wood teak bridge, Mahagandayon monastery in Amarapura, Mingun Bell in the opposite riverside, and specially the Mahamuni pagoda with a great Buddha image.


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Travel Like a “Real” Burmese

One of best ways to discover a country is immersing in the local life, eating their food, wearing their costumes, staying at their home, talking to them or traveling like them.

Just opening recently, Myanmar has still maintained unique features which are hard to find in any other country. To understand more deeply about Burma, travelers can transfer like native people and be one of them.

1. Pedicab

Myanmar’s pedicabs are really classical in style, which evoke some typical images of the past 100 years ago.

Pedicabs before Custom House, Strand Road, Yangon, Myanmar

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